Ex-mayor Russo price tag never ends: More damage at Sinatra Park

Live at City Council:

 MSV believed most of the special meeting would be closed session but this was before learning of the added damage to Sinatra Park just earlier. The price tag already $7.8 million will see millions added in the end but we can’t provide the exact figure yet as it will need to be tallied before becoming public.

 Mayor Zimmer has advised the council a legal investigation for the on-going damages to Sinatra Park will likely be fruitless and costly. A memo to the council advising any efforts seeking out members of the Mayor Anthony Russo administration will probably not yield any gain to Hoboken taxpayers.

 Once again the cost for the culture of corruption to Hoboken is boosted and the final tally from one Mayor Anthony Russo is not even in going back to the 1990s.

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