Councilman Michael Russo: ‘Hey, I’m the national progressive candidate’

Wednesday night and it’s approaching midnight, the magical time when City Council meetings no longer go on into the middle of the night and the wee hours of the morning.

After those council meetings would too often go long past the witching hour, the body changed its rules and made that rule to limit grandstanding and internecine warfare. Those snowflakes troubled by that actual historical revelation of fact may want to take this moment to claim their official MSV cyberhanky.
City Council President Jen Giattino after introduction of the resolution attempted to call for a vote but Councilman Mike DeFusco wished to demonstrate his support for the “good intentions” while critiquing some aspect of his believed national interstate commerce violation. Not quite the correct shoe size but he pointed to the political electioneering on point of the non-binding resolution.
Councilman Ravi Bhalla embraced the resolution suggesting it be sent to the appropriate New Jersey national legislators while interjecting after DeFusco he was not an actual sponsor. Later, Councilman Jim Doyle would note he’s not the sponsor either as the mayor’s office cited prior to the meeting. Who knows who the official co-sponsors are? What no one wants to be the Hoboken national candidate now, because of a Horse?
Enter Councilman Michael Russo, a self-declared gun owner and “progressive Democrat” who has found salvation in the notion any legal carrying gun owner from another state should not trespass with such appalling rights to self-defense while entering New Jersey.
Russo would go on to undercut DeFusco on the matter and make his rightful claim to be Hoboken’s national candidate for mayor. 
Is MSV saying Councilman Mike Russo is running for Hoboken mayor? No, but let’s say he’s keeping his options open as someone who “proudly stands as a progressive Democrat.”

Taking Ed Note: It’s the dog days of a global cooling summer but a tip of the hat to Mikie Squared for diving into that cynical play for national votes. Well done!

As for Councilman Mike Defusco’s efforts to cut the matter both ways, the correct answer on the national question of civil rights here is not interstate laws but the 14th Amendment and equal protection under the law.

For those with interest in such little matters as the Bill of Rights and American civil rights, the question was recently taken up in the District of Columbia and highlighted in a Bloomberg article a few days ago.

Which only goes to show how out of touch Hoboken’s would be national candidates are but hey it’s a cynical play to voters in Novembers to look there and not here. Focusing on the actual job of local Hoboken issues, it’s apparently too much to bear. 

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