Russo chutzpah, improved HOP buses on tap @ 7:00 tonight

Tonight another round of the Hoboken City Council follies is on tap with some comedic humor; the usual pure politics brought to bear by Councilman Michael Russo in resolution #2 where MORTe looks to present a bill for the protest walkout of council members Carol Marsh and Peter Cunningham.

There’s still no actual resolution just hours before the meeting.  This is the type of transparency Hoboken government observers are use to from the Beth Russo hydra.  

Does anything need to be said about the irony of this coming from the public face of the Russo clan who have made looting the Hoboken taxpayers as only his family has in recent and past years the family business?

Since it’s early on the agenda, people should swing by if for nothing more than to boo the clownish antics of Russo and the chutzpah he almost always has on display.

Other more relevant, important items include bonding for expanding the HOP buses, maxed out with increased readership at an all time high but limited by antiquated equipment in frequent repairs.

There’s more than five million in other bonding for capital improvements toward streets and parking utility vehicles.  Should make for more hollow bickering about how capital improvements should be paid out in the most inefficient municipal accounting manner out of the annual budget.

One of MORTe’s favorite tactics is to starve the City of long term capital improvements insisting they should be paid out in one fell swoop.  It makes no sense at all by any accounting standards – not the first time they said it, the last or if again tonight.

It’s all about hurting the City, preventing tax reduction and sabotaging Hoboken (and the mayor) whenever possible.

These are the people after all who refused to approve a simple refinance of the midtown garage putting $50,000 into the City’s coffers and saving $4 million in one fell swoop last November.

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