Rue School meeting reminder on Terminal and Rail yard

City of Hoboken announces:

Community Meeting Tonight: Hoboken Terminal & Yard Redevelopment Plan
As a reminder, tonight is the first community meeting as part of the Redevelopment Plan process. The meeting is from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM at the Rue Building Auditorium at 301 Garden Street in Hoboken. There will be a 30 minute presentation from the City’s planning consultants Wallace Roberts & Todd at the beginning of the meeting, followed by an open house format to allow participants to provide feedback on the issues they are most interested in.

The meeting will include a review of existing site conditions and constraints and a discussion of issues, opportunities, and the community’s priorities to guide the Redevelopment Plan.

Talking Ed Note:  A copy of the Mike Novak email noted earlier to Chamber of Commerce members follows at the jump:

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Hi Scott, 
Tonight, the NJ Transit’s “Hudson Place” project is being discussed at a Public Meeting at the Rue School Building at 301 Garden Street, in Hoboken, New Jersey (6 pm to 8 pm).   Mayor Dawn Zimmer will be speaking on behalf of the City and NJ Transit will be presenting its proposal.  On behalf of the 200 member Chamber of Commerce, and its 16 person Economic Development Council, I ask that you try to attend tonight’s meeting.  We believe that a properly planned project at the Terminal is critical to the future economic growth of Hoboken.  I agree with planners from across the country that have stated that the proper utilization of this particular site, with its proximity to 5 means of mass transportation and Manhattan, will establish Hoboken as a world class destination and generate tourism to the City that would help our local business community for generations to come.
The Hudson Place project is promising as it doesn’t need to disturb the character of our community. The City already has heavy rail, a bus terminal, ferry service, PATH, Light Rail and taxi service.  It need only tie them all together better, remove bottlenecks, and address the need to green the community.  The Chamber is pleased that a commercial development is being planned for this property.  If sizable enough and with the right mix of uses, this project has the potential to transform an underutilized property into a regional, if not international, destination further enhancing an already great city.  There are few sites in the country that are better suited to dramatically enhance the economic development of their surrounding community.
By creating a better transportation hub at the Hoboken Terminal, the Transit project will create a commercial hub for people looking to shop, dine, or explore Hoboken and the surrounding communities. This proposal would take an important but underutilized public property and turn it into a useful, revenue generating development that improves public transportation, increases commercial and retail space, and creates jobs, while enhancing our quality of life.
It is important that members of the Hoboken Business Community attend tonight’s meeting.  This is a site that is truly under utilized with characteristics that are unique in comparison with Cities from around the globe.  Please provide your input.

Michael Novak, President
Hoboken Chamber of Commerce

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