Ruben Ramos relinquishes Holdco connected $5,200 campaign donation

Assemblyman Ruben Ramos has told PolitickerNJ he is donating $5,200 he received from the potential buyers of the local hospital to charity.

The story details the Assemblyman’s acceptance of the donation from two individuals connected to the potential buyer of the hospital, Bayonne’s Holdco.  Ramos accepted two maximum $2,600 contributions from the parents of one of  Holdco’s buying group, Vivek Garipalli.

No other local Hoboken official is known to have accepted any monies from anyone connected with Holdco, the anticipated buyer of Hoboken University Medical Center.

The story by Tim Carroll also  notes the father of Vivk Garipalli was convicted for embezzling $280,000 from the University of Medicine and Dentistry in New Jersey in 2008.  The scandal was part of a larger corruption case launching then Federal Attorney Chris Christie into the public consciousness.

The corruption of no-show jobs at UMDNJ has been closely connected to current NJ Senator Bob Menendez.

Ramos says he’s donating the money to a local charity but one is not named.  He has been strongly rumored to be seeking to run for Hoboken mayor.  Political observers note the recent $5,200 donation to his campaign would be problematic in such a run.

Ramos claims not to have know about the connection of the donors to Holdco. He’s quoted as saying he thought the donation was because , “I thought they liked the work I do.”

Assemblyman Ruben Ramos (c) at a block party for Tim Occhipinti last weekend is $5,200 lighter after it became public he accepted two maximum donations from people connected to the potential buyer of HUMC.  Ramos now says he is donating the money to a local charity.

Talking Ed Note: The heat got too hot on this issue with the State anticipated to be finalizing the sale of the hospital next month. Ruben Ramos also attended the public hearing on the hospital recently but didn’t speak.

He had more important matters in mind.  Like filling his campaign war chest.

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