Ruben Ramos offers glowing praise of Carmelo Garcia

A low key appearance at the carnival barker circus late Wednesday is one thing but being interviewed and giving glowing praise for the carnival barker entirely another.

Ruben Ramos who is all but an announced candidate for the Hoboken City Council’s fourth ward council seat against incumbent Timmy Occhipinti and reform candidate Dana Wefer went on the record with Hudson County View’s John Heinis.

It’s an astounding get.

Ramos publicly comes out praising Carmelo Garcia and later details some of the issues in his own fourth ward he’s concerned. While the latter holds some cogency, the remarks about Garcia are remarkable on several levels.

Did Ruben Ramos actually mention Vision 20/20?

For the moment we’ll leave it there.

Talking Ed Note: You can see the full Hudson County View story here:

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Hat tip: MSV commenter LeoTPTP.

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