Ruben Ramos campaign declares PARK WAR!

The Ruben Ramos for mayor campaign announces:

A Failed 6-Acre Park
The Truth About The Mayor’s Record on Parks!

“The sad truth is that Dawn Zimmer has spent all week patting herself on the back over the court settlement awarding Hoboken ownership of a .98-acre plot of land in the 4th Ward that will eventually become a park. However, this is the furthest thing from an accomplishment. Zimmer has been promising a six-acre park in the 4th Ward since she first ran for political office in 2007. This postage stamp of land that we’ve finally got, six years later, is a far cry from a fulfillment of that promise.

Furthermore, and much more worrisome, we do not yet know how much the acquisition of this land will ultimately cost the taxpayers. While the City initially offered the property owner $2 million for the land, the assessed value of the land is more than $10 million. If the court agrees that, because the administration chose to acquire the land through eminent domain, the fair market value is the assessed $10 million, we can say goodbye to that ‘rainy day fund’ the Mayor is always talking about.

This is just another example of the mayor’s inability to deliver on her promises, and her inability to work with interested parties to achieve policy goals that are affordable for the city and agreeable for all sides. When I am elected Mayor, I will make sure that the city government works with the taxpayers’ interests in mind, and not let a court mandate how many millions of dollars we have to sacrifice for a broken promise.” – Ruben Ramos

Come out tonight and hear Ruben’s plan for a better Hoboken.

When: Thursday, October 10th, 7:30 pm

Where: Vision for Hoboken headquarters
              801 Washington Street, Hoboken

Contact: John Castellano, campaign field director

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