Romano campaign tosses back live grenade

The Romano campaign followed up to yesterday’s Grist for the Mill column but their response may not be to the anonymous source’s liking.

Pablo Fonseca, the campaign manager for Freeholder Anthony “Stick” Romano picked up the loaded grenade and casually tossed it back at the HudCo source saying, “We do not respond to anonymous sources and their self-serving agendas.”

The HudCo source stated earlier if Stick didn’t cease and desist from his two-pronged electioneering campaigning for both freeholder and Hoboken mayor, the grenade would be delivered in the form of a Ruben Ramos for Freeholder campaign.

The anonymous challenge to Freeholder Romano came with a mid-week deadline.
Awaiting further developments in the high stakes battle of grenade tosses.
Who’s next?

Talking Ed Note: For those unsure, here’s the optimum method to deploy and detonate a grenade, courtesy of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch is never a dud and is never tossed back if you follow the instructions.

At least that’s what the manual says.

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