Rock’em Sock’em Robots returns to City Council

When is a property available for sale to the City of Hoboken?

That central question arose with a resolution proposed by Councilman Mike DeFusco who remains unofficially a candidate-in-waiting to take on Mayor Zimmer this fall.
As we wait, what do you do when a property owner declines to sell you a lovely piece of land up at 9th and Bloomfield, the site of a once active church?
Well you put up a resolution saying the City should nevertheless go ahead and purchase it because it’s the “right thing to do.”
The comical antics led to the biggest blow-up since before the decisive council elections in November 2015. The fur was flying.
On one side Team DeFusco or what may be a team versus the reality based members of the reform oriented team.
The barbs were flying, the hysteria was high, the use of eminent domain threatened (sorta, kinda by Councilman Mike Russo) with the motivation to give the kid a W. It failed 5-4 but it’s the thought that counts.
We’ll be back with the entertainment as Hoboken election season is unofficially, officially underway.
Team DeFusco has a moment at the conclusion of the council meeting last night as
council members Mike DeFusco and Ruben Ramos share a handshake.

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