Rock’em, Sock’em Robots & Dave Mello moves forward

It’s not quite the glory days of SNL with Point-Counterpoint where they’d mix it up with a taste of politics skewering all points of view but today’s Bhalla vs. DeFusco or is it DeFusco vs. Bhalla holds all the entertainment value of your basic rock’em sock’em robots.

For those of you dated enough to recall games with mechanical physical flair before the digital age; this one was jam packed with action and fun.

The Hudson County View has all that action:

On another front, the announcement of the Bhalla campaign’s council at-large slate leads to the question of what happens with reform oriented council member Dave Mello?

Mello who has served eight years on the City Council came up through the ranks of the parks group in southwest Hoboken where park space became a major issue and led to the formation and pending launch of the park at Jackson and Observer.

Councilman Dave Mello is expected
to keep his hand in and run again.

While Mello wasn’t immediately available for comment on today’s news, sources close to the at-large councilman who garnered the highest council at-large vote totals in 2013 say he isn’t going quietly into the night.

“Mello is most certainly running for council at-large. After advocating for a unique bundle of issues since 2009, he doesn’t want to see that end,” said the source. Word is Mello is in the process of setting up ELEC required paperwork and will run as an independent or join another full-fledged ticket.

Unofficially with a hat in the ring, that brings to potentially three the number of independent council candidates who are vying for one of three at-large council seats this November.

Two others previously stating an interest in running for City Council are Kurt Gardiner and Josh Einstein.

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