Rise of Da Machine!

Next year it looks like Hoboken will have a special election for the 4th ward.  Dependent on a candidate’s appointment in the temporary role in the 30 days since Mayor Zimmer’s swearing in last Friday, that election will be held in November 2010.

Reader Redraven writes:

The November 2010 election will be interesting. Nothing else of note will be on the ballot and it will be the machine’s first opportunity to get back some of what its lost. I hope whoever gets the seat comes loaded for bear, because the money spent by the machine to regain that seat might make Mason look like a piker!

Well good reader you have no idea how right you are and we’ll be updating on just that.  Da Machine is already looking ahead gleefully to take on whoever holds that seat as a way to knock down Dawn Zimmer’s potential fifth vote on the City Council coalition she’s recently held.  Those foreign forces know exactly who their preferred choice(s) are to face down and defeat.  Some of you are going to be surprised.  Unlike some posters, who look on the list with neutral certainty, they do not view the five candidates equally.  And frankly, experience is NOT a plus. 

We’ll be posting on that and another piece on the hospital.  Call it the rise of “da machine” series.  Because my friends, that’s exactly what it is.

Update:  A reader sent an email saying the election is not really a “one off” as originally described.  We updated to reflect that accuracy.

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