Richard G. Mason and Beth Mason get their due in “Above the Law”


Beth and Richard G. Mason debut together on popular legal publication “Above the Law”

Richard G. Mason of Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen and Katz along with his notorious ethically challenged litigious wife, Hoboken Councilwoman Beth Mason scored duo detrimental plaudits in their billing on the legal beagle website “Above the Law.”

In contrast, the Hudson Reporter kept the breaking story off the front page even as tens of thousands of dollars in campaign fines assessed by NJ ELEC paid last month by Beth and Richard Mason is being covered by media extensively elsewhere.

The Hudson Reporter’s buried story diametrically differs with the lengthy stories on Council President Ravi Bhalla who saw a $100 technical state violation waived in a long running battle with ethics complainant and Hoboken politico Perry Belfiore going back to 2010.

NJ ELEC named Richard Mason in the first sentence in its issued final decision. (See below.)

The popular legal website “Above the Law,” which covers legal news and the less than savory actions of attorneys in the legal profession reported on the breaking Mason family news and published the actual NJ ELEC final decision.

Additionally, Beth Mason saw further notoriety last week on PolitickerNJ, New Jersey’s most influential statewide political website getting a double whammy of dishonor there to ring in the New Year.

First PolitickerNJ debuted the breaking statewide story detailing Beth Mason and Richard Mason’s $44,000 in fines assessed by the State of NJ campaign watchdog NJ ELEC (Election Law Enforcement Commission).
In a separate follow-up piece, PolitickerNJ named Hoboken Councilwoman Beth Mason a top loser of the week for all of New Jersey to kick off 2015 writing:
Beth Mason along with her campaign treasuer husband, Richard G. Mason of Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen and Katz got their bells rung in the New Year but the Hudson Reporter looks like it’s doing its best to keep a lid on the problem for long time advertisers or is it something more? No story appeared in the Hudson Reporter unlike the Jersey Journal when NJ ELEC issued a complaint against Beth and Richard Mason containing hundreds of alleged violations potentially totaling over two million dollars last year.
Some rumors suggest the magazine “07030” published by the Hudson Reporter may be a business venture between the pro-Old Guard paper, the Mason family and possibly their political operative not residing in Hoboken.
Across the river, the NYC legal grapevine says whispers in the hallways and conference rooms at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz, known for its highly successful mergers and acquisitions practice have had enough of Beth Mason’s antics finding their way into their board room. Richard Mason who leads its humdrum bankruptcy division may be hearing more unhappiness that division is bleeding into the other areas. Bankruptcy – be it business, moral, ethical and of the politically depraved variety in Hoboken doesn’t mix well with a legal mergers and acquisitions business.
Is the tony white-shoed midtown law firm about to see more problems exploding in its midst courtesy of the Masons?
Richard G. Mason of Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz, husband
of Beth Mason is featured in “Above the Law” for their
tens of thousands in assessed campaign penalties by NJ ELEC last week.
The NJ ELEC issued its final Mason campaign penalties in an official decision:

Beth Mason’s campaign violations fit the federal criminal variety
Beth Mason’s laundry list of ethical lapses and lawbreaking didn’t begin or end with her 2009 and 2011 NJ ELEC campaign fines.
Although NJ ELEC didn’t reference other confirmed campaign violations, Councilwoman Beth Mason’s questionable practices of paying multiple people off of single checks, a federal offense carrying criminal penalties was reported exclusively on MSV back in 2010.
Hoboken Patch would follow the MSV exclusive but the Hudson Reporter kept mum. Those Beth Mason campaign violations are not penalized in the fines issued by NJ ELEC but add to Hobokenites’ long list of reasons to be weary of the second ward councilwoman’s arrogant illicit actions. In contrast, her Old Guard allies have promptly complied with their campaign reporting responsibilities, most notably in the 2011 ward races.
Beth Mason & her notorious underwriting of the Nazi Truck in the 2012 BoE election
Back in 2012 after Hurricane Sandy ravaged Hoboken putting much of the City several feet under water, Beth Mason illicitly underwrote the 2012 notorious Board of Education slate Move Forward and its nationally reported Nazi truck.  
Two Hoboken rabbis were sufficiently offended by the Nazi Truck repeatedly parading a Nazi flag all over town they jointly announced a call for a public apology from the anonymous sponsor. Beth Mason however doesn’t do apologies and hid from media scrutiny after the rambling Nazi Truck made five trips to Hoboken with the last broadcasting a TV commercial of the Move Forward slate, removing any shred of a doubt as to who was behind it.  
The City of Hoboken’s legal department issued a letter slamming Beth Mason for excessive illicit campaign contributions to the Move Forward Nazi Truck campaign. Mason owes the City of Hoboken more than $25,000 for her illegal actions in breaking Hoboken’s anti-wheeling ordinance. 
The Nazi Truck degeneracy came not a year after Beth Mason’s 2011 efforts to undermine the critical sale of Hoboken University Medical Center. Community outrage at her attempts to sabotage the sale led to spontaneous calls for her recall at a special City Council meeting.
SLAPP HAPPY Beth Mason announced lawsuit against MSV editor
and more than a dozen Hoboken residents weeks before its filing

Beth Mason’s announcement right during a live City Council meeting saw the SLAPP suit filed just over two weeks later and went completely unreported by local media then and since. (Oh those happy coincidences and the emails that precede them.)
No local media has asked Beth Mason a single question about her involvement in the SLAPP suit. This after the Hudson Reporter however found column inches for reasons unknown to let Beth Mason pontificate about cyberbullying when it announced the SLAPP lawsuit by a “Hoboken couple.” The censored website sponsored by Mason, Hoboken411 got nary a mention. That cybersewer’s hatchet jobs penned by her ubermesnch ghostwriting minion is a point of controversy to this day.
The Hudson Reporter has no other “journalistic” relationship to disclose here? 
Full disclosure: Beth Mason was handed a subpoena in the SLAPP civil litigation last September by MSV at the front of the council dais right before the start of its September City Council meeting. She retaliated by filing a criminal complaint and has claimed she, her husband and children are victims of stalking and she’s a victim: assaulted with the enveloped subpoena by MSV too. 
In the Masonite perjury tradition, this is consistent with other Mason minions who previously filed similar and distinct lies against MSV. None have passed muster and the media has managed to ignore her latest political operation abusing the court system since last fall.
Last year, Hudson County Superior Court upheld the validity of the subpoenas to both Beth Mason and Richard Mason.
Talking Ed Note: Media reports persists Beth Mason is looking to obtain a Lt. Governor slot on a potential NJ Governor ticket under NJ State Senator Steve Sweeney if a repeat attempt to do similarly fails with State Senator Brian Stack this spring for a soon to be open Assembly seat currently occupied by the equally noxious Carmelo Garcia.
Is Beth Mason about to become a regional media star? Will her dwindling handful of minions obtain their due for their years long effort covering her flank?
The Hudson Reporter kept Beth Mason off the front page even with the tens of thousands in fines assessed for her campaign violations by NJ ELEC. 
Beth Mason is quoted as saying her campaign fine payments save the taxpayer money. Perhaps this is the best even the brain trust at Genova Burns can do. It’s flat out insulting to Hoboken people everywhere.

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