Rewind: Gov. Christie on state hospital aid

In May of last year, Hoboken was honored to host Governor Chris Christie as he launched his program to help municipalities gain control over property taxes.  During a Q&A, he took questions from the audience.  One member of the City Council refused to sit on the stage with the Governor instead taking the microphone and peppering the Governor with several questions.  (Other members of the public settled for one but they aren’t you know, undeclared counte$$’.)

Here’s a segment of that clip on the State’s increasing aid to New Jersey hospitals.  Gov. Christie corrects the record of a certain Hoboken Councilwoman who claims the State cut that aid.

When her turn came up to bond for a relatively small amount in consideration of aiding Hoboken’s hospital, she crushed it with her corrupt allies on the City Council putting not only the hospital in immediate jeopardy to close but the Hoboken taxpayers on the hook for $70 million or more.

Talking Ed Note: This was recorded live over a mere 3G network so the video isn’t pristine, but the audio is perfectly clear. How ironic is it to see Councilwoman Beth Mason questioning the Governor on commitment to hospitals after she in the first opportunity to help Hoboken University Medical Center get a lifeline for the next seven years eagerly refused in the hopes to see it closed for political gain.

 There ought to be a law against such cynicism by elected officials. It should come with serious prison time.

Beth Mason isn’t the only official who will be exposed for double dealing on the critical mater of the hospital.  Councilman Michael Russo said Da Horsey “was lying” putting words in his mouth when his comments were mentioned from the January 4th meeting declaring the Hoboken Municipal Hospital Authority did not have the authority to sell the hospital.

That’s the next video clip coming.  “I’m the Pope of Hoboken, cuz I got a tape.”

 There’s other collectors with even better tapes.  Can’t wait.

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