Return of Carmelo “The Wire” Garcia in Newark bribery scheme?

A Hoboken original, Carmelo Garcia is back in the news; this time after a bribery scheme came under federal investigation in Newark leading to a federal indictment involving a Newark councilman and other co-conspirators.

After his August 2014 contract termination in the Hoboken Housing Authority and a failed bid to unseat City Council President Jen Giattino the following year, the always controversial Garcia managed to parlay a one-term two-year seat on the New Jersey Assembly before consolidating his odd hire on the Newark Community Economic Development Corp. in 2016.

Garcia with his magical utterances and iron-handed control over the housing residents in Hoboken managed to further parlay this gig to another as Newark Deputy Mayor for Economic Development in late 2017 into August 2018. 

Over the weekend the New Jersey City Globe reported Carmelo Garcia is an alleged co-conspirator in a Newark bribery scheme involving city developers and contractors.

The Hudson County View reported over the weekend:

Former Hoboken Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia has been identified as a co-conspirator in a Newark corruption case related to a councilman accused of scheming to obtain bribes.

King Carmelo “The Wire” Garcia returns for new Newark episodes?

Two others have been snared in the federal probe in what people in Hoboken are already buzzing about as the “Return of the Wire,” the penchant of Garcia to record others on a recording device.

Garcia had been revealed recording the former NJ State Senator Bernard Kenny who had facilitated a request by Garcia to set up a lunch with Stan Grossbard, the husband of former mayor Dawn Zimmer.

While the recordings eventually were forced out in legal proceedings nothing nefarious was discovered on the tapes other than Garcia’s bad behavior.

Thus, Garcia became celebrated after years of rumors for his allegedly taping others. One rumor suggested he bragged he had taped conversations with State Senator and Union City Mayor Brian Stack and would use them if he didn’t get what he wanted.

Did the Newark government politicos fail to take notice?

Carmelo Garcia as seen in this exclusive August 2014 video
sneaking up behind this editor on the night of his contract
termination in the Hoboken Housing Authority.
Is this the return of The Wire?

Talking Ed Note: There were many clashes with the exclusive two-year reporting and investigations here into nefarious doings at the Hoboken Housing Authority and one Carmelo “The Wire” Garcia.

A job offer by the then incoming NJ Assemblyman to this Horse was turned down as that investigation would eventually lead to death threats, a failed real estate scam revealed and opposed on these pages called Vision 2020, (dubbed Vision Money Money $$$). 

In addition to the threats received here by a Crips gang-connected hood rat, coupled were death threats and all manner of harassment against HHA resident Jessica Coco who dared to publicly question the validity of Vision 2020. The reporting here on those threats would later be picked up by the Jersey Journal with Garcia denying knowledge.

Coco and later others questioned who would profit from a rebuilding of the downtown HHA building with more than double the density in building size and population.

The Feds would eventually step in after Garcia’s 2014 contract termination at the HHA as Executive Director and remove a treasure trove of documents along with a recovered hard drive but no prosecution followed.

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Carmelo Garcia, live and unedited as a semi-riot breaks out disrupting the August 2014 special HHA meeting held in City Hall where his contract would be terminated by the seven-member board.

The video begins with a supporter of Dawn Zimmer’s involved in a mob-directed response to verbal differences in the crowd who is canceled and removed by Hoboken police amid the din of shouts “racist.” 

The video is simply titled, “The Fracas.” 

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