Report: Union Dry Dock – A Weehawken way out?

According to a report on the Hudson County View, there may be a way out of the battle between NY Waterway, the current owner of the former Union Dry Dock site and the City of Hoboken.

The solution would involve NY Waterway returning to a spruced up Weehawken location with an unknown amount of cash sweetening the deal.

Since NY Waterway owns Union Dry Dock and the City of Hoboken offered a little more than $13 million, the difference in the cost may be what will induce NY Waterway to return its operations up the road to an enhanced operating facility.

The Hudson County View reports:

The NY Waterway flag joins Old Glory over the Union Dry Dock site.
How much money would Hoboken need to pay to send them back to Weehawken?
Talking Ed Note: Whatever sprucing up a Weehawken terminal for NY Waterway costs, it will very likely be Hoboken forking over the money. Let’s hope a Union Dry Dock park won’t cost on a per acre basis $100 million like the west side resiliency park.

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