Report: Mayor Zimmer does not stand alone with her knowledge on SandyGate

One of the chief talking points assailing Mayor Zimmer’s claim decrying Sandy aid being held hostage to a potential billion dollar development in Hoboken has fallen with a national investigative report revealing at least five people in the Mile Square City are witnesses.
The news comes from a national investigative report by NBC confirming the US Attorney’s Office and FBI interviewed others in Hoboken on MLK last Monday.
Federal agents have asked each to preserve all evidence including emails verifying details of the allegations Hoboken was being held hostage by Christie Administration officials in SandyGate.
Dan Bryan, Chief of Staff to Mayor Zimmer is
reportedly in the know on SandyGate and is
cooperating with the Feds.
Among those on the in-the-know list: Dan Bryan, the mayor’s Chief of Staff, Juan Melli who holds the unsworn position running the City’s communications and reform Councilman Dave Mello.
Zimmer’s aides won’t speak on the matter as they’ve been directed otherwise by the Feds who are actively investigating but Mello is quoted in the story confirming he knew of Zimmer’s allegations about the Christie   administration linking Sandy aid to approving the Rockefeller Group development.
From the NBC report, Mello recalls speaking to the mayor about it last summer saying:
“I distinctly remember [Zimmer] saying that the lieutenant governor said, ‘If this came out, she would deny it,'” he said.
“I thought it was absurd and outrageous,” said Mello, adding that he pressed Zimmer whether she would speak out publicly about what she said took place. “She told me, ‘It was a done deal that [Christie] was going to be re-elected” and she did not want to jeopardize further funding for the city, he said

Read the complete NBC story: 

Talking Ed Note: Last night in the City Council meeting, there was some chatter from the “Antis,” the virulent Zimmer haters who spit out half-truths, fabrications and spin no matter the facts.  In this instance, the irony is they have to choose between Mayor Zimmer and Gov. Chris Christie who they also revile with one Carmelito, directed otherwise.  (It’s State Senator Brian Stack’s 20/20 vision.)
The mayor’s selection for an attorney passed but the Old Guard council couldn’t stomach the idea, not the price or the counsel’s well known reputation for competence.  It passed 5-4 with the Old Guard council members all voting no, making the litigious councilwoman Beth Mason very unhappy.

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