Report: First Amendment detonates free speech winds over Hoboken

It’s early July with many focused on spending time with friends and family if not taking vacations – mini, maxi – or as one inspired commenter offered, catching up on the wisdom of Voltaire: the real one, not the little fascist phony quoting variety.

A nuclear detonation exploded over Hoboken Wednesday afternoon with Judge Patrick Arre’s 36 page legal decision dissecting three years of frivolous litigation against a dozen Hoboken residents including this editor. It was summed up as merely short of approaching a total “fraud on the Court.”

That was Judge Arre’s last act of judicial kindness before issuing the awarding of legal fees to defendants of $276,000 and $4,0000 in sanctions to three of Lane Bajardi and Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi’s lawyers: Jonathan Z. Cohen, Whitney Gibson and Amy Cox.

After the mushroom cloud began its elevation over the Mile Square early Wednesday evening, one lone councilwoman was missing among the Hoboken City Council’s nine member body at its sole July meeting.

Sounds of the Ramones, “I wanna be sedated,” echoed uptown along the summer breeze like mystical chimes.

Last February, odd local media choices opined about mystical high bars on winning a NJ defamation case positing a pretense of just falling short of producing sufficient evidence. Woe is the alleged political operative plaintiff “victims.”

Ambulances are arriving on the scene as we speak with EMS workers prepared to take emergency measures to remove crow lodged in their throats.

Other media and academic inquiries have begun pouring in on the three year steaming pile of a frivolous litigation, what the court itself deemed a SLAPP-suit.

Hudson County View published its story and filed this video report late yesterday:


The story features a comment from this Horse but no comment offered from frivolous SLAPPers Lane Bajardi, Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi and their attorney Jonathan Z. Cohen.

HCV story available here:

Other regional reports have begun showing up here and here.

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