In an exclusive news report yesterday afternoon by the Hudson County View, Beth Mason’s long time intimate political associate and friend Lane Bajardi is alleged posting vicious anti-Semitic attacks online in Hoboken against Mayor Dawn Zimmer and her family.

The comments made in 2009 came under two admitted screen names on in a deposition Lane Bajardi gave last July in his $2,000,000 defamation case filed by him and his wife, Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi against almost a dozen online Hoboken commenters.

The comments, part of publicly available legal documents in Hudson Superior Court were filed in the case Bajardi v Pincus last September with a certification by the mayor’s husband Stan Grossbard who owns a diamond business.

The comments were alleged posted on the Hoboken forum when Lane Bajardi was active in Beth Mason’s internet strategy and blogging team, part of his senior political advisor role to advance her political career over years and during her 2009 mayoral campaigns.

Email obtained in discovery appears to reference both he and his wife as participants in a Beth Mason for Mayor campaign internet/blogging strategy for Hoboken. On January 14, 2009 that internal campaign email with the subject “Re: posts attacking Beth” states in part:

“We did discuss it last fall and again recently. You, Lane, Kim…. are it for now until we have a formal “message” that we can give people. Beth is concerned that in the heat of things random blogging gets off message.”

On February 28th, 2009 Lane Bajardi wrote directly in an email to Beth Mason about he and his wife, Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi on the topic of internet and message strategy for her mayoral campaign. The following is an unedited, complete top portion of his email: bold emphasis added.

From: Lane Bajardi <>
Sent: Saturday, February 28, 2009 3:46 PM
Subject: IMPORTANT: An intervention of sorts


I am writing you this message because I want you to win, not just for
you but for everybody who has worked years to get to this point. Too
much blood sweat and tears has gone into this effort to fail now, and
this campaign is not where it needs to be. I owe it to you to be
compeletly honest about what I see, even if it is not pretty.

You called us this morning and asked us to drop what we were doing and
come to a large, top-level meeting regarding internet and message
strategy. We were in our pajamas, and so was Xxxxxxx. We dropped
everything, raced to get dressed and get our infant suited up to deal
with 25 degree weather to show up at this meeting.
What we found was
nobody but Jake there to have this meeting with. No James, no Tommy, no
other pros, just the campaign figurehead who seems to be about as out
of the loop on key issues as we are.

You did not meet with us. Instead, we essentially wasted a couple
hours, part of it talking Trem, who will not be on your ticket but who
has decided to hang around your HQ when people are trying to hold
meetings. Since he is a Chatty Cathy, I’m sure what he saw and heard
will make it around town before long. This was not only a waste of our
time, but more importantly a waste of YOUR CAMPAIGN’S TIME.

Meanwhile, you were on the phone screaming at one of your daughters in
a fit that if it had
been recorded would have been just the YouTube
sensation that could have torpedoed your election. You were in front of
a storefront window (and members of the public) ranting into your
phone. You need to think about your surroundings whenever you are in
public because it is going to come back to bite you if you don’t. EVERY
new iPhones and G-phones from Google can instantly load video to
YouTube. Regardless, the way you handled that situation in public did
not instill confidence in those who witnessed it.

Earlier on that same day, Beth Mason ordered campaign emails on the subject of her internet strategy to cease, expressing concern the campaign communications were becoming too widespread among her staff.  Among those listed she sent the “Internet Strategy” email are James Barracato and both Lane Bajardi and Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi.

The alleged anti-Semitic remarks followed in April and August 2009 during two failed Beth Mason attempts to become Hoboken mayor in the May and November elections.

Lane Bajardi: two of his admitted screen names on are revealed as allegedly posting
anti-Semitic attacks on Mayor Dawn Zimmer’s family during Beth Mason’s mayoral
campaigns in 2009.

The complete story is available on the Hudson County View:

Councilwoman Beth Mason: her 2009 internet
and blogging strategy surfaces inadvertently
after the failed litigation of her intimate and
senior political advisor Lane Bajardi came out
in a news story yesterday on the Hudson County View.

The two alleged anti-Semitic remarks as published yesterday on the Hudson County View:

From discovery emails, another 2011 screen name called “blooddiamonds” is mentioned often attacking Mayor Zimmer and her family on the Hoboken forum. The partial unedited email containing the copied poster follows:
by blooddiamonds, 09/23/11 6:50 PM
Mayor “We are this close” by hobokenhorse, 09/23/11 6:50 PM

and the mayor bull/s. Now she doesnt need state or city money. This is all a scam

The screen name blooddiamonds was responding to a comment by this editor under its well known public moniker “hobokenhorse” about the City of Hoboken being close to having a successful bidder buy and save the local hospital – Hoboken University Medical Center.

The screen name blooddiamonds posted dozens if not hundreds of posts attacking the mayor in a similar vein some observers view as less than veiled anti-Semitic comments within the context of Hoboken politics.

It’s unclear from the emails obtained in the Bajardi v Pincus litigation who actually posted under that screen name.

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