Rent control opponents: Our VBM votes should decide!

Rent control opponents filing to overturn the results on Question 2 in the November election will have their day in court today when Hudson County Superior Court hears the case at noon today.

The pretrial hearing features a motion to intervene and dismiss the case.  An trail date is tentatively scheduled for January 22nd.

The battle was razor thin with over 16,000 voters taking part on the ballot question and only 53 votes separating the two.  
The main argument by the anti-rent control group, underwritten by the Mile Square Taxpayers Association is based on the paper ballots – vote-by-mail and/or provisional.  They claim legitimate ballots were tossed disenfranchising their voters and the question’s outcome on the ballot.

Rent control advocates have sent out an email urging their supporters to jam the courtroom when the case is heard in Hudson Superior Court and calling the court action “flimsy.”

Talking Ed Note: The MSTA group gave another group “Let the People Decide” a hefty 25K plus based on NJELEC reports. The people group is the address of Frank “Pupie” Raia and apparently not sufficient vote-by-mail voters decided on behalf of overturning results on Question 2.

Alternatively, the call to jam the court with a mob is certainly not judicial either.  However, overturning certified election results is a high bar and is difficult to overturn.

Hobokenites will have to decide on the irony of the VBMs being applied to the case here.  Someone failed to deliver the paper ballot vote.  Maybe they should have worked with Tim Occhipinti.  In 2010, Timmy’s Army of 575 “campaign workers” turned out his paper ballot vote with nary a paper cut among their 1200 or so votes.

It went to the NJ Attorney General’s Office but no arrests have been forthcoming.  In this case, the  “campaign workers'” VBM were not forthcoming in the necessary numbers.

All of them are missing on any ELEC report.  The new Old Guard motto is let them “work” the paper ballot “vote” and then let the county board decide their votes.

Just don’t leave a paper trail.

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