Rehab for Newmann Leather and the surrounding area tonight @ 7:00?

Lots on the plate tonight making this a more substantial meeting in some time. The Planning Board has green lighted the ability for the City and Council to designate the area around Neumann Leather as an area in need of rehabilitation. There’s new owners there who spent $25 million and one can imagine they didn’t spent that amount of coin to retain the status quo.

Beth Mason who was unexplainably absent at the last meeting when her and Councilwoman Castellano’s ordinance for mandatory sick pay was up for first reading is back on the agenda. Will it make it through first reading? There’s many businesses in Hoboken with 10 or more employees who would like to say a resounding “NO!” and they aren’t just in the hospitality business. Motion to table!

A story highlighted its passage in Jersey City and one small business owner stated they keep employees down to nine to avoid the hassle altogether. It’s a bakery so people wonder if that’s health conscious. Just another example of unintended consequences brought to you courtesy of local government which has no business in that sandbox anyway.

Also on the agenda is a prohibition against automated cameras at red lights. Well, no one has pushed for this in Hoboken and it’s a trend being reversed statewide. Again, Beth Mason and First Ward Councilwoman Terry Castellano are your sponsors looking to put this on lit for ward races in 2015. It should pass for no other reason than that and why would anyone vote no?

Big $5 million ordinance for parking meters. End to end in Hoboken? Sure sounds like it’s coming, ready or not. (MSV is not sure on this and hasn’t confirmed before game time.) Confirmed: this will mean funding for the installation of meters at all non-resident parking areas across Hoboken if that measure is approved after the bonding is available.

A Planner is up for NJ Transit’s proposed development. This is the restricted version proposed by mayor.

Public portion may be entertaining as follow-up on the crash and burn of a 2010 ethics complaint will be resisted, for whatever reason under the sun one can entertain. Will Beth Mason dare to open her mouth on that or campaign reporting? Who knows but this is the way of Hoboken, so expect some sparks.

As Perry Belfiore would say, “Thank you for your many courtesies.”

Complete details in the resolution pack and a mighty detailed plan on the area in need of rehabilitation:

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