Referendum rationalization….

and the tears, buckets and buckets of tears. Oh and the Ravi poll that didn’t stop a landslide.

The aftermath of the crushing landslide Hoboken referendum to bring back runoff elections doesn’t mean only majority elections will return to Hoboken.

A voter rebuke of the destructive “win at any cost” tactics in last year’s winner take all mayoral election punctuated with the final manipulation of the Mile Square electorate courtesy of the Ravi Terror Flyer is one message sent.

Days after the landslide vote where by an almost three to one margin voters actively chose to bring back runoff elections; the mayor’s office and Ravibots began a desperate spin campaign to alter the perception Mayor Ravi Bhalla is not a lame duck who dreads facing a one on one runoff.

Inside the mayor’s office and the inner Ravibot sanctum, a dreary pall hangs over the politics  24-7 everyday mantra in pursuit of higher office.

No political observer of any reputations sees Ravi Bhalla beating a dogcatcher in a one on one race. His scorched earth tactics against friend and foe alike over more than a year leave little doubt he can or will change course.

Far more likely, Bhalla will continue the warfare mentality and slide into the next phase trying to eliminate as many independent voices and good government votes on the Hoboken City Council in 2019 as possible.

The council ward races are a full year off but the bitterness and denunciations after the referendum vote are already reappearing online.

The Ravibots demand for revenge and blood will only escalate from here. They’ll look to bring everyone down they can even if Hoboken has to take a hit in doing it. You think a Ravi Terror Flyer part two is out of bounds? Does a bear crap in the woods?

Most of the Mile Square City not nailed down may have to be collected and sold off to Bhalla’s construction union pals but that’s the cost of doing bidness with no other bids allowed. Expect more in the way of million-dollar bribes to divide and conquer with future massive redevelopment announcements.

Not days after the crushing landslide vote, efforts at spinning the disastrous results for the mayor’s office began trickling out. Ravibots proclaimed an unpublished poll deems Ravi Bhalla unbeatable and that he’s beloved by all, or close to it.

Who takes a poll less than a year in office believing it meaningful?

The writing is on the wall. Even the inner Ravibot circle acknowledges it amongst themselves.

It’s not the preferred cup of tea for at least one of the two mayoral political aides. Chief of Staff John Allen reportedly put his resume on the street prior to the November election. He’s accelerating efforts to get a job back into law and out of the heavily politicized mayor’s office.

While the latest Ravi poll will not be released, it’s being referenced that “all is well” inside the land of Ravibots. What they don’t tell you is the pronouncements by Bhalla urging voters to reject Hoboken runoff elections came almost immediately after the poll.

So how’s that poll working out for ya?

Talking Ed Note: The bitter referendum defeat won’t end with online whining, gnashing of teeth and foaming at the mouth. Expect more political operative directed operations out of the mayor’s office against City Council members, especially the good government members standing up for Hoboken’s best interests.

You’ll think Beth Mason is running Hoboken and possesses Ravi Bhalla. When you least expect the nasty and ugly, expect it. Whispers are the next political operation is underway out of the mayor’s office using the exact same tactics deployed by the Harridan of Hudson against Bhalla in 2010.

How’s that for irony?

Update: Sources from within the Ravibot world are saying there is a two-fold political plan. If the City Council composition can be cleared or significantly altered in next year’s council races, that will pave the way for a vote to overturn the overwhelming will of the voters and eliminate runoff elections in two years. (The referendum cannot be changed under NJ law for at least two years.)

If Ravi Bhalla can’t find a political job out of Hoboken by then, Hoboken can expect him to unleash a repeat of the vile and dirty campaign last year seeking to win again with a small plurality in 2021.

That means Hoboken should anticipate the ugliest council ward races next year as Ravi Bhalla savages council people who have refused to knuckle under and do what’s best for him.  In turn, the City Council is likely to continue its stance to act independently on what’s best for Hoboken.

So, there’s the stakes.

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