Readers interject concern with questions swirling on the Boys & Girls Club & HoLa

Da Horsey doesn’t always get to read all the comments promptly but tries to catch up to that small subsection among the thousands of readers who pass through each week voicing their thoughts on the issues of the day in our mile square.

There’s a curious amount of questions and comments swirling around the Boys and Girls Club in the comments section recently – questions on programs for the children and possible problems those programs face due to giving way in favor of the new charter school HoLa.

If it proves true the children of our most disadvantaged in the community are being shown the door in favor of a charter school, this would be a big story if local journalists would look into the matter.  MSV is part time and can’t look under every rock including this one to ask the questions required asking.

There’s whispers the children being given preferential treatment are from the charter school and the rest of the community the Boys and Girls Club is suppose to serve may be getting short shrift.

Ribbon cutting celebration for HoLa, but are the families of minority children celebrating now that their kid’s programs have to make way for the charter school?  The Boys & Girls Club building is leased from the city for $1.  Does that give anyone the right to make some children more equal than others? 

Are the programs serving them being shown the door because of their vulnerability in low income housing and they live in fear of retaliation if they complain?  If true, who will raise a voice on their behalf?

Do you think Tim Occhipinti will do so?  Or do you think he’d rather get more election money and paid votes from someone who writes checks for HoLa?

Yes, that last question is rhetorical.  Timmy time never stops paying dividends for our community does it?  But before Tim chose to sell out and bilk Hoboken, he made a garden.  Then he let it die because it no longer served a political purpose –  just like the people of the Hoboken Housing Authority.

Are the most vulnerable being exploited again?

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