Reach Higher BoE slate ‘Three weeks left to Election Day’

The Reach Higher BoE Slate announces:

Dear Friends,

Last week, the Reach Higher team faced off against their opponents at the Board of Education Candidates Forum. 

Unlike their opponents, Tom, Sheillah, and Addys demonstrated understanding of the issues facing the district and showed that they are ready for the challenges they will face as board members.
There are only three weeks to go before the November 3rd election, and we have much work to do to spread the word to ensure high voter turnout.
Our all-volunteer campaign needs financial help to reach as many Hoboken voters as possible — especially with the printing and postage for a city-wide mailing on the eve of the election. To that end, we’re aiming to to raise $15K by this coming Friday, October 16th. No amount is too small and every dollar counts. Your contribution will ensure the visibility of our candidates and allow our message — a message of positive leadership and commitment to school improvement — to be heard.

Please consider a contribution to Reach Higher Hoboken. You can donate online at

Or make checks payable to “Reach Higher Hoboken” and mail to: 

Reach Higher Hoboken 
c/o 515 4th Street, #309
Hoboken, NJ 07030
Follow the campaign to get the latest news and “like” the page to help spread the word:

And don’t forget to cast your three votes on November 3rd for Tom Kluepfel, Sheilla Dallara and Addys Velez . . . Column F, 2-4-6!

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