Ravi’s War

The Mile Square City is at a lull easing through the last of its August hot-fueled days and entering the summer homestretch of Labor Day Weekend.

For Hoboken’s mayor approaching his ninth month in office; it’s a continuation of his endless war and perpetual campaign to catapult his way out of town into higher office.

It’s approaching Labor Day in Hoboken but it’s just another day
in the Mile Square City mayor’s endless feuding with everyone.

To accomplish that quest, Ravi Bhalla has alienated and publicly tangled with the County Executive Tom DeGise (to Hoboken’s detriment) and pissed off the new NJ Governor Phil Murphy on the matter of commuters numbering in the thousands surrounding the recently sold Union Dry Dock. The site is the proposed fueling pit stop for NY Waterway ferries.

His staff, following his lead, took the unprecedented step of aiding and abetting to hold a sitting councilman persona non grata and prevent his attending a community meeting in his own ward.

And the Ravibots and political operatives at Sybil’s Cave cheered.

No one else is.

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