Ravi’s second job conflict solution: Wag the Dog

Tomorrow’s City Council meeting should see the successful second reading and passage altering appointment powers to the Rent Leveling Board.

The City Council is expected to easily pass and finalize the ordinance dividing the appointment powers of the seven-member body: four for the mayor and three for the council. Two alternates would be also be appointed by the council under the ordinance.

The council may be looking to see the ordinance take effect immediately, waiving the 20-day waiting period. But there should be no rush to do so. Why?

“Hold the frame bro” and wag the dog.
Mayor Ravi Bhalla would prefer a war over council appointment
powers to take the glare off his second job with a NJ politically
connected law firm. 

Mayor Ravi Bhalla will once again look to apply a flailing veto and “frame the issue” by declaring war using taxpayers resources in a possible legal bid challenging the final council vote.

He initiated the fight refusing to nominate to another term two senior board members: Cheryl Fallick and Michael Lenz. Both were strong backers of Councilwoman Jen Giattino last year in the mayoral race.

While Bhalla’s warring, legal and otherwise doesn’t promise to be effective; it will at least distract from the rising disappointment about Bhalla’s second job with a politically connected Republican-leaning land use law firm.

Word is spreading about Bhalla’s employment contract and Hoboken’s electorate is learning how quickly a broken promise is reflective of true colors. They are swallowing the bitter truth neither enjoying the taste nor its ramifications.

So Ravi Bhalla is looking ahead to a war. Win or lose, he’d prefer battling over City Council appointment powers than how much money he’s brought in to date in his second job or the conflict-rich potential it holds without any oversight at City Hall.

Talking Ed Note: Those who do speak to Ravi Bhalla should ask him how much he’s earned to date with his second job at Lavery Selvaggi Abromovits & Cohen. Since he refuses to even admit it’s a job with a $60,000 salary plus a rich commission structure; his answers should offer plenty of entertainment.

Correction: The council meeting in place of last week’s cancelled due to weather is set for tomorrow.

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