Ravi Bhalla’s online campaign launches more sexist attacks on Jen Giattino

Word on the street of a rumored poll says Councilman Ravi Bhalla’s bid for mayor is flailing. Over at Sybil’s Cave the foaming and frothing desperation is seeping in as they feel the surge of Jen Giattino’s campaign on the streets of Hoboken.

The Cave is the online HQ for the Bhalla campaign where its inner circle spreads disinformation and heaps personal attacks on anyone who dares to publicly oppose Bhalla. They’ve resorted to all kinds of personal insults as they are apparently already in vengeance mode. Rumors of another recent poll out late yesterday suggests Ravi Bhalla’s campaign is sinking, even with all the big bucks from outside Hoboken flooding in of approximately $400,000.

As seen earlier today at the uptown ferry, Ravi Bhalla doesn’t have the mojo. Propped up by hundreds of thousands of dollars from special interests outside the Mile Square City and a lame duck mayor, Team Giattino led an army of volunteers greeting the travelers and received their energy of support.

Here’s a flashback to earlier in Jen Giattino’s career where she worked on the floor of the NY Stock Exchange. It’s made the frothy foaming Ravi Robots super duper angry. They’ve resorted to sexist attacks, this time without using a horse as a bestiality prop as the resident loon did recently.

The scene from the exchange is a 2001 newspaper clipping which apparently sent Sybil’s Cave into a foaming sexist rage. One commenter dared to raise opposition to the hysteria bubble calling the sexist attacks on Jen Giattino “offensive.”

Did anyone on the Bhalla campaign disavow this ugly suggestion about Jen Giattino and a horse?

Is this the kind of disgusting sewer level mean-spiritedness you can expect more of from a Bhalla administration?

The caption “sexism” is added to this depiction of Jen Giattino who is seeking to date a horse according to the loon at Sybil’s Cave who created it to serve at the altar of Bhalla fanaticism.
The gutter attacks there are a staple in service to Ravi Bhalla.

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