Ravi Bhalla’s newbie acting BA approved in divided council vote

 Jason Freeman, with no previous municipal experience as a business administrator inside or outside of Hoboken was approved last night for the position in a controversial 5-3-1 council vote.

Shades of the ghost of John Corea swirling in the midst.

Freeman who entered local government as an acolyte of Ravi Bhalla ascended to an acting business administrator role in the mayor’s office when the former business administrator Stephen Marks left Hoboken to take the same role in his hometown of Kearny.

Marks with decades of relevant experience was guided under the stewardship of Quentin Wiest, a similarly decades long seasoned pro with business administrator experience prior to taking over the helm in the Mile Square City.

Earlier this year, the City Council urged Mayor Ravi Bhalla to do a professional search for the business administrator role. It never happened as the pandemic soon ceased much of the regular city activities.

Councilman Michael Russo made lots of noise deflecting from the council’s role pointing to ancient history when it held none. 

Jason Freeman with Mayor Ravi Bhalla and Rachel Hodes.
Politics and nepotism first.

The Hudson County View covered the story:

The Hoboken City Council voted to appoint Jason Freeman as the business administrator last night following Mayor Ravi Bhalla’s recommendation last week, removing his acting title after roughly eight months.

For the complete story, please see the Hudson County View:

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