Ravi Bhalla’s $250 mask fine hopes on the brink, mask survey yanked in under a day


Mayor Ravi Bhalla yanks survey pushing a $250 mask fine in under one day

Massive mask fine on the brink of failure in council vote set tonight
It must have been bad. 
The Mayor Ravi Bhalla mask survey issued Monday mid-afternoon with a series of questions pushing the Hoboken public to accept fines for not wearing a mask outside was yanked not a day later.
A series of coaxing “push-poll” questions to get a user to accept the $250 fine or another amount were clearly slanted. Despite the push, Hoboken residents were clearly not biting. 
The mayor’s effort to impose the massive mask fine comes after weeks where the Chinese Communist Party Virus new numbers in the Mile Square City have diminished to practically nil.
Mayor Ravi Bhalla and his office are attempting to sell local media that a slim majority of Hoboken residents support his proposed massive $250 mask fine.
What Ravi Bhalla and his mayor’s office is not saying is why the survey was suddenly shut down after less than a day if it was so favorable to his wide scale public media efforts
Meanwhile, City Council members acknowledge they are being overwhelmed by negative reaction to the Ravi Bhalla $250 mask fine from Hoboken residents. 
The blowback from the public is the surest sign the pending council vote set for tonight will fail. 
Ravi Bhalla is likely to see his usual three council votes from Phil Cohen, Emily Jabbour and Jim Doyle voting in favor of the $250 mask fines with double that number on the City Council voting his proposal down.

The numbers of reported new cases of the CCP virus in Hoboken have fallen to near zero levels and the mayor’s office no longer publishes timely figures on new cases, hospitalizations and deaths. 

As last reported here, the last reported new cases of the virus a week ago were at four and not a single case of a hospitalization is believed admitted in recent weeks. 
The State of New Jersey has seen its mortality figures flatline to single digits in recent weeks. Most of the deaths in the NY-NJ area have been clustered in nursing facilities for the elderly.
Both governors, Mario Cuomo and Phil Murphy issued executive orders going against the national guidelines putting infected patients into nursing facilities creating what many critics call “killing fields.”
As a result, the two states far outpace any across the nation in related CCP virus deaths at over 32,000 and 16,000 respectively.

The complete story with this chart available at the link:

Related: Sweden, a nation faring far better than others and declined to deploy a lockdown seeing success. Its numbers are flat and they did not crush their economy focusing on social distancing measures.

Its NIH equivalent is negative on face masks calling evidence of effectiveness “astonishingly weak.”

“With numbers diminishing very quickly in Sweden, we see no point in wearing a face mask in Sweden, not even on public transport,” the disease expert added.

Perhaps it’s time for Ravi Bhalla to focus on other avenues for revenue and throw in the towel with his amped up “Army of Karens.” 

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