Ravi Bhalla to make major announcement on Chief of Staff John Allen

An announcement from the mayor’s office today is anticipated with Mayor Ravi Bhalla issuing some statement surrounding the uncovered political operations against sitting City Council members by his chief of staff, John Allen.

Ravi release on John Allen?
MSV blew the lid off with a series of investigative reports of the political attacks out of the mayor’s office after the last City Council meeting. The evidence uncovered points to a political and race-baiting attack by a now confirmed friend of John Allen’s who teamed up with Patty Waiters against Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher. The ugly racial attacks have reminded the Hoboken public about the Ravi Terror Flyer days before the mayoral election last year. To date, no one has been arrested.

This recent political attack is but the latest among others over recent months when MSV uncovered another John Allen friend performing in the exact same capacity. That person was later spotted having dinner at an uptown steakhouse with John Allen and Ravi Bhalla. The earlier attacks were more broad-based against sitting council members and lacked the one-two race-baiting punch as at the last council meeting. 
After public portion in the last City Council meeting, said John Allen friend immediately set foot to the home of Ravi Bhalla’s aide with the pre-written speech in its original manila folder in hand. Was a drop of the original materials being returned after the dirty deed for an agreed upon amount of cash? 
John Allen has remained mute for over 10 days to the $1,000,000 question although invited to offer any explanation why he had his friend report to his home immediately after public portion at the last council meeting. In its place, he’s offered meaningless comment about how his friend allegedly got into the building. 
Will Ravi Bhalla be finally answering to both his and John Allen’s role? Stay tuned! 

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