Ravi Bhalla set to give senior role to anti-Semitic ranter Patricia Waiters

Board seat not enough as Ravi-Waiters backroom deal weighs Deputy Mayor role 

People across Hoboken are scratching their heads, confused and angry with the week-ending news. Mayor Ravi Bhalla announced by resolution he’s appointing well-known bomb thrower and anti-Semitic ranter Patricia Waiters to the Rent Leveling & Stabilization Board.

The mayoral appointment requires the approval of the City Council set for a highly anticipated vote Wednesday night.

Ravi Bhalla put up put well-known bomb thrower and post-arrest Peter Cammarano umbrella holder Patty Waiters on a major Hoboken board and more. People are dazed, confused and angry across the Mile Square City.

Waiters, however, is reportedly dissatisfied with the prize. The former paid NJ Assembly aide to the despicable “Ethic Cleanser” Carmelo Garcia who headed the Hoboken Housing Authority, wants a board position there where she gets votes in her perennial runs for elected office.

It’s also where her mother lived and Garcia took special care. Waiters mom reportedly wasn’t paying rent over years, even at the low subsidized rate. That discovery came only after his contract termination in 2013 when the books were finally examined. Waiters got the NAACP in Jersey City to step in and pay the outstanding five-figure bill.

“Patty thought Ravi was giving her what Carmelo couldn’t deliver. She didn’t know Ravi was putting her on another board,” said a source close to Bhalla Chief of Staff John Allen. The source added with the public confirmation of her deal with Ravi Bhalla last Friday, she’s upped the ante, demanding to be made Deputy Mayor. Some believe Carmelo Garcia may be involved in the negotiations.

Allen is not pleased with the prospect and doesn’t want to add Waiters to the already bloated 300K plus cost of three existing aides in the mayor’s office. Many in City Hall view him as the defacto mayor since Bhalla is often AWOL, tending to his political prospects, fundraising or organizing HudCo legal contracts to his second job with a Republican law firm in Hackettstown.

“She’s not the sharpest tool in the shed but she deals the race card with gusto,” said the close source of John Allen. He acknowledged Ravi Bhalla’s top FacePuncher went out with Waiters to the HHA last December to hand out free turkeys with Waiters telling people to vote for her. “As long as Dawn Zimmer keeps mum, there’s a plan to this madness. It means Ravi gets street cred with the rising radical wing of the (Democrat) party and he gets handed the Congressional seat held by Albio (Sires). For his role in this and other dirty facepunching deeds, John Allen wants the Freeholder position. Ravi tried to force Stick (Romano) to resign months ago and see it handed it to John. That effort failed.”

Previous secret meetings with North Bergen mayor “Uncle Nick” Sacco have fared better. Congressman Albio Sires is expected to serve a final two-year term before stepping down next year and it’s no secret Ravi Bhalla wants it. One HudCo observer familiar with the negotiations said “Ravi impresses with his national fundraising base, big construction unions, and PAC network. That’s beneficial (for HudCo). Joey “the Nose” Muniz helped using Sacco’s email list for Ravi’s last fundraiser. They’ve agreed to a deal for choosing the next Hoboken mayor (in 2021),” said a senior county source. “Ravi agreed to Sacco’s pick as long as it’s not (Mike) DeFusco. It’s a done deal,” he added with an audible grin by phone.

The Hoboken public may not be ready for any of these questionable moves by Ravi Bhalla who was handed the baton from Hoboken’s first female and Jewish mayor. The idea of Dawn Zimmer handing anything to the Old Guard let alone its blowhard Patricia Waiters was unthinkable. Yet last June, the City Council narrowly voted down by a single vote an earlier surprise attack effort to see Waiters put on the Hoboken Housing Authority board.

Ravi Bhalla isn’t explaining his action on behalf of the bellicose Waiters either. His inner circle, however, thinks its time people forget about Zimmer and understand it’s Ravi Bhalla who matters now. “Dawn, Shadow and those people need to check their white privilege,” said Bromar, the George Soros employed brother of the mayor. “Ravi was a loyal soldier to them for eight years. Dawn and Shadow (Stan Grossbard) best mind their place,” he growled.

The vote scheduled for Waiters’ appointment this Wednesday is one short of passage. Votes opposing Bhalla and Waiters’ appointment will again be led by City Council President Jen Giattino and Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher. They are expected to be joined by Councilman Peter Cunningham putting Ravi Bhalla council allies Jim Doyle and Emily Jabbour on the hot seat.

Waiters expects votes from councilmembers Mike DeFusco, Michael Russo, Vanessa Falco, and Ruben Ramos. That leaves her but one short of representing the public on a major Hoboken board going into Wednesday night.

Both Giattino and Fisher are targeted for elimination by Ravi Bhalla in the November council ward races if they run for re-election. As one Hoboken Democratic Committee member concluded, “Enough of this Reform goody government Zimmer bullshit. This is Ravi time and Hudson County is Ravi Country.”

Talking Ed Note: Waiters is known for her eagerness to lob wildly unsubstantiated bombs at council members and BoE trustees calling them racist. With the demise of Bhalla’s paid political operative propaganda website, this stand-in is considered advantageous by Bhalla and his FacePunchers. 

Last December, John Allen organized an unseemly effort right out of the mayor’s office with Waiters tag-teaming with his admitted friend in race-baiting directed attacks against Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher.

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