Ravi Bhalla prepared to unleash “Army of Karens” & $250 fine for those not wearing masks

City Council appears ready to approve unconstitutional edict unleashing “Army of Karens”
Science will have to take it on the chin if Mayor Ravi Bhalla goes forward with his latest attempt at government overreach. 

Skeptics are already scratching their heads wondering, what’s the purpose? In Hoboken as in much of New Jersey, the Chinese Communist Party Virus blew through. The impact has been felt most by elderly living in senior centers who saw the virus brought in by order of the governor, Phil Murphy. Both New York’s Andrew Cuomo and New Jersey Governor Murphy gave similar executive orders leading to untold thousands being felled by the virus.
Yesterday, the State of New Jersey reported eight deaths and a little over 400 new cases. Those cases have been clustered around youth events and parties among a population minimally affected by the virus. 
The City of Hoboken hasn’t reported much of anything in the dwindling pandemic caseload in the Mile Square City. There’s been but a handful of cases amongst a population of 55,000 in recent days and the last report weeks ago from Hoboken University Medical Center saw its cases had fallen to zero.
Hoboken has seen 29 deaths, the majority very elderly with underlying illness but the last mortality case is more than a month old.
An Army of Karens
Ravi Bhalla however is ramping up his Army of Karens which reportedly will go far beyond the Hoboken Police being authorized to give citations. The ordinance will authorize Office of Emergency Management personnel, code enforcement officers, zoning department and construction officials and any members of the pandemic task force the ability to issue fines.
The effectiveness of people being coerced to wear a face mask outdoors in uncrowded conditions is highly questionable by many scientists. Last week, the Netherlands instituted a policy informing the public its scientists conclude it’s not necessary.
As announced a week ago by the that nation’s NIH equivalent, the Netherlands is focusing on adhering to social distancing “because from a medical perspective there is no proven effectiveness of masks,” Tamara van Ark said at a presser held in The Hague.
Legal beagles are already taking aim at the ordinance questioning its legality. “As New Jersey saw the brunt of this pandemic early this year, this face mask call could have been made at the height but to do so now is more than a little suspect, especially a small town mayor,” said one who asked for anonymity for fear of being subjected to cancel culture vengeance. “Any mayor trying to impose additional regulation and penalties above and beyond the state is subject to being immediately overturned in court. It could open a municipality to additional liability” they added.
Talking Ed Note: Here’s an example of a Karen that Ravi Bhalla seeks to pander to with an unedited video. Note, two men are sitting alone and are approached and one is assaulted by a Karen with coffee.

Some residents are already concerned about the potential for violence putting a Stasi type Karen force out on the streets pointing to incidents seeing attention across the country. Other residents induced by fear over months with pandemic hysteria are eager to see Ravi Bhalla’s Army of Karens unleashed.

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