Ravi Bhalla pay to play NJ Transit connections erupt with weekend Fox News TV ads

The breaking Saturday exclusive where a shadowy PAC is running TV adds on the Fox News Channel urging voters to vote for Ravi Bhalla continues what looks like a daily run heading to next week’s Hoboken mayoral election.
The ads fronted by a PAC called “Stronger Foundations Inc.” is connected to a major union with strong ties promoting NJ Transit’s efforts to develop its property in downtown Hoboken.

For years Hoboken residents have fought against a plan for large scale development at the NJ Transit site featuring towering skyscrapers proposed. NJ Transit had proposed a $1 billion Hoboken and Terminal Yard Redevelopment Plan with residential buildings as high as 45 stories a 70 story commercial tower. 
The proposal if implemented would destroy the character of Hoboken.
Ravi Bhalla Towers? A rendition of the NJ Transit proposed skyscrapers at Hoboken’s Lackawanna Terminal.
Commercials for a PAC supporting Ravi Bhalla for mayor have appeared all weekend on the Fox News Channel.
Bhalla is a law partner with Florio Perrucci who features NJ Transit as a client.
NJ Transit is also a client of Florio Perrucci, the politically connected law firm raking in millions in NJ government contracts where Councilman Ravi Bhalla is a law partner.
Previously, concerns of conflicts of interests erupted when Councilman Bhalla was questioned about Florio Perucci’s work for another client, Suez water. Bhalla would later recuse himself from participating in discussions about a controversial contract put up for consideration by Mayor Zimmer. The proposed contact saw no sponsor but would rollover a $8.35 million liability into a new decades long contract. 
The Bhalla campaign led by Ravi Bhalla and his council at-large slate of Jim Doyle, Emily Jabbour and John Allen support the proposed Suez water contract. The proposal did not receive a single sponsor on the City Council and has seen no action taken.
Ravi Bhalla’s campaign was contacted over the weekend and asked about the PAC TV ads on Fox News its union connections and ties to NJ Transit but declined comment.

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