Ravi Bhalla makes David Liebler $135,000 richer after throwing him out of council meeting

Mayor Ravi Bhalla is asking the Hoboken City Council to approve a settlement payment to Hoboken resident David Liebler for the tidy sum of $135,000.

At the October 21st, 2015 council meeting, David Liebler in the last of his five minutes crossed a bridge too far in the mind of council president Ravi Bhalla and was thrown out by the Hoboken police on his order.

Or was it an order from on high from former Mayor Dawn Zimmer?

No matter, David Liebler sued as did another ejected resident at the same meeting, long time Ravi Bhalla nemesis Perry Belfiore.

Hoboken resident  David Liebler stands to become $135,000 richer.
Ravi Bhalla threw him out of a 2015 council meeting for saying the words
“Stan Grossbard.” Add that figure to another ejected resident of more than 50K

 plus legal costs to the Hoboken taxpayers.

The Hudson County View recounts the First Amendment snafu leading to the proposed settlement.

Liebler had about 20 seconds left five minutes when Ravi Bhalla interjected and then ordered the Hoboken Police to remove him from the microphone. 
The Wednesday meeting of the Hoboken City Council was canceled due to inclement weather delaying David Lieber obtaining approval for the $135,000 settlement.
That comes to $6,750 per second to the Hoboken taxpayers not counting more than $50,000 previously paid out to another Hoboken politico, Perry Belfiore who Ravi Bhalla also threw out at the same meeting.
Both speakers triggered the police action ordered by Ravi Bhalla by saying the magic words “Stan Grossbard.”
As a result, Hoboken taxpayers will shell out approximately $200,000 plus incidental attorney fees.

Former mayor Dawn Zimmer was contacted for comment on this story. If one is made available, it will be added.

The Plaintiff, David Liebler settlement amount is $135,000 with $95,000 being paid to the law firm Brach Eichler, LLC
as shown in the City Council resolution.

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Correction: Perry Belfiore never mentioned Stan Grossbard by name; only posing a rhetorical question about how much influence should a mayor’s spouse have on a Hoboken board.

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