Ravi Bhalla loving PAC busted for $50,000 in Hoboken campaign spending

The Hudson County View broke a bombshell story late Friday with the pro Ravi Bhalla PAC, Stronger Together seen spending over $50,000 in the Hoboken election.

PAC Man money, yummy, fill me up! 

The bombshell was revealed in charges leveled by the DeFusco for mayor campaign. DeFusco has similar issues with tens of thousands he’s accepted directly from various NJ unions.

With only four days to go until election day, the revelation of the $50,000 poured into Hoboken may be the death knell for late deciders and those who thought Ravi Bhalla the best overall candidate for mayor.

See Hudson County View for this breaking bombshell:

Another Ravi loving PAC spotted in the wild?
Beware Hoboken, beware!
MSV originally broke the story about the PAC funds hitting Hoboken last Saturday. The PAC, Stronger Together is a union connected entity backing the massive development of NJ Transit in Hoboken. 
The Mike DeFusco website leveled a shot across the jaw of Ravi Bhalla writing:
“A Super PAC that’s backing Ravi Bhalla is trying to buy this election with a last-minute advertising blitz, spending over $50,000 to mislead Hoboken voters. This kind of interference from outside political interests is unprecedented in Hoboken elections and it is a clear sign that Bhalla is controlled by the special interests who are funding this shady campaign.”
The Bhalla campaign offered no defense of the flood of monies in PAC backing on top of the six figures in other greenbacks finding their way into Hoboken for its campaign but offered its own attack on DeFusco in response.
“He viciously attacks Ravi for receiving union support, when DeFusco himself has brazenly broken the Hoboken local anti-pay to play and wheeling law, taking $30,000 total from 3 separate unions, far over the legal limit. When DeFusco, who has earned a well-deserved reputation for running the most negative campaign in the history of Hoboken, makes yet another distorted, hypocritical and negative charge, it is important to consider the source.”
The Stronger Together PAC documentation shows it underwrote a recent campaign poll in Hoboken last month. Who got those results (other than say MSV)? 
Ravi take human bites! 
Reform backed his opponent, then councilwoman Dawn Zimmer. The issue of invading PAC monies into a Hoboken election was a rallying call to arms to defeat the foreign money invasion.
Now, you have so-called Reformers who are falling all over themselves defending this PAC money invasion. The obvious reason: they’re Bonkers for Bhalla. Others call them traitors to Reform.

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