Ravi Bhalla inaugurated as Hoboken mayor; risks federal funds in first executive action

Ravi Bhalla, a two term Hoboken City Councilman takes the helm as mayor of the Mile Square City being sworn-in at Hoboken High School.

NJ Senator Cory Booker performed the swearing in duties for Ravi Bhalla and council members Vanessa Falco, Emily Jabbour and Jim Doyle who will serve a second four year council term.

All four took an oath to uphold both the NJ and US Constitution.

Ravi Bhalla is sworn in as Hoboken mayor by NJ Senator Cory Booker.

Last November, Bhalla won a highly contested six way mayoral race with four major campaigns vying for the top office. In an election featuring mudslinging galore, Bhalla would come out on top pulling in less than 33% of the vote.

The Hudson County View attended the event and reported earlier on Bhalla’s first executive action bucking US immigration law in favor of illegal aliens. Political observers question if this may cost Hoboken in federal funding.

In recent months, the US Attorney General’s Office stated it will withhold funding for municipalities which fail to adhere to US law. Recently, federal funding approved $230 million for the Rebuild by Design project to make Hoboken and surrounding areas stronger against flooding.

Talking Ed Note: The Rebuild by Design funding was approved and released through Housing and Urban Development (HUD) headed by Dr. Ben Carson. Neither Ravi Bhalla nor former mayor Dawn Zimmer extended any thanks to him last year. Dr. Carson ran for US President in 2016 and was the only major African American candidate to do so.

The US Attorney General’s Office has stated it will withhold federal law enforcement monies if local municipalities refuse to follow US law. It’s unclear if there is any potential risk to Rebuild by Design funding.

Related: did a rare story on Hoboken and the Bhalla executive action. From the comments, it doesn’t look like people are taking too well to the politically correct coded language between legal and illegal immigration.

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