Ravi Bhalla “How about an oil company lawsuit” for “climate change?”

At a press conference called to announce a lawsuit against Exxon and other oil companies Wednesday, Mayor Ravi Bhalla announced the City of Hoboken will join other government entities across the country in an alleged climate change lawsuit.

With an eye to next year’s 2021 mayoral election and looking to bounce back from the Mile Square City’s rebuke on his attempt to impose $250 fines for failure to wear a mask outdoors; the long shot legal announcement looks more a way to rebuilt frayed support than a legitimate legal action.

The City of Hoboken will join a lawsuit against Exxon and others with more than a dozen cities, counties and states.

It’s unclear how any of this can be proven in any courthouse nor what the penalty should be for cloudy days.

“We cannot stand idly by and allow Big Oil to continue profiting at the expense of Hoboken residents. It’s time these companies pay their fair share and be held accountable for their actions,” Mayor Ravi Bhalla said.

Any map of Hoboken however would show the current Mile Square City sits on a swamp and the western portion of town was almost entirely swamp land. Hoboken development building above it never “fixed” what was below it.

What much of west Hoboken looked like before massive development. 

The sewer system is tied and it would cost billions to update but the “bathtub” effect where water runs to the west and southwest won’t ever change in Hoboken when heavy rains crash through in severe flash flooding situations even with the North Hudson Sewerage Authority pumps operating at full efficiency.

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