Ravi Bhalla erases Mike DeFusco in Executive Order

Some will say the election last November is over. Others will point to Mayor Ravi Bhalla’s warlike actions against those who didn’t and don’t support him with absolute 100% agreement and say, “not exactly.”

In Mayor Ravi Bhalla’s latest executive action, he declared all single occupancy bathrooms to be gender neutral making the Hoboken’s People Republic the first in New Jersey to recognize all 64 Ben & Jerry ice cream flavors or is it 64 genders?

Regardless, Hoboken single occupancy bathrooms are designated a free for all and no matter what of the dozens of gender choices your religious tenets holds and/or you self-identify, you are free to enjoy sitting on a toilet seat a man has urinated on of your preference. No, the guys won’t be lifting up the toilet seat and you can’t make them.

But the matter of the City Hall photo op cast another victim into the spotlight. Councilman Mike DeFusco attended the signing and is clearly visible in this NY Daily News photo as seen below.

Councilman Mike DeFusco is pictured second from left in this NY Daily News photo with others in the mayor’s office.

But when the City of Hoboken published the same exact photo on Ravi Bhalla’s Facebook page, a brutal cropping removed the first ward councilman or rather, they just chopped him in half, literally:

Councilman Mike DeFusco gets cut down literally in the same photo when the Ravi Bhalla publishes the NY Daily News photo on his Facebook page. Thankfully the empty portion of the right side by the window is preserved.

In the City release, the declaration on single occupancy bathrooms is called “Standing Up for the LGBTQ” community.

Except the standing up doesn’t count for Councilman Mike DeFusco who is literally chopped down.

Talking Ed Note: Anyone else seeing the irony of Mayor Ravi Bhalla chopping down the gay guy?

DeFusco was the strongest challenger to Bhalla in last November’s controversial and low brow mayoral campaign. If not for a suspect “terror flyer” dropped the weekend before the election; he may not have finished a close second.

DeFusco has made strenuous efforts to see the suspects behind the “terror flyer” caught unlike Ravi Bhalla who has been far less interested.

Just another of those coincidences.

Update: The latest Ravi Bhalla controversy is proven by the dingbat who escaped from the Cave and complained that the complete photo used by the Daily News appears on Ravi Bhalla’s twitter page.

Well, thanks for proving the point! Poor Mike DeFusco was slashed and cropped for no good reason!
The Ravi Bhalla Twitter page forgot to crop Councilman Michael DeFusco out, unlike the misfortune he suffered
on the Ravi Bhalla Facebook page. Hey, these political accidents happen! 

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