Ravi Bhalla: Eminent domain of Union Dry Dock is “urgent”

The following story comes courtesy of the Hudson County View:

The Hoboken City Council approved the 1st reading of an ordinance that would allow the city to acquire the Union Dry Dock property through eminent domain, though the catch is that the second reading won’t occur until after the municipal elections. 
While this was the first reading of the ordinance, which typically has no discussion from the public or the council, Councilman-at-Large Ravi Bhalla, a mayoral candidate, expressed his opinion that this was an urgent matter and therefore would be against pushing it until after the November 7th municipal elections.

For the complete story, please see the Hudson County View.

Talking Ed Note: While Councilman Ravi Bhalla declares the eminent domain vote of Union Dry Dock “urgent” he made no such argument proving the substance of such a claim.
City Council President Jen Giattino bent over backwards to allow the ordinance late on to the agenda even as she expressed in her conversation late afternoon with the mayor, there was no such urgency requested. 
Eminent domain is not an immediate process and will require months if not longer than a year. The City of Hoboken can execute the initial phase and there’s no barrier to them doing so. 

Adding an item to the City Council agenda after the Thursday deadline requires an urgent reason. Councilman Bhalla had no reason other than TBD, to be determined later. 

The only “urgent” matter here is the Ravi Bhalla mayoral campaign needing this as a wedge issue against his mayoral rival Jen Giattino. #FAIL

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