Ravi Bhalla allegation pandemic spike caused by ‘foreigners’ a Big Lie

The recent report of Hoboken’s mild spike from a set of zeros in Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus cases over recent days into low double digits required explanation.

The Hoboken case load as the pandemic’s trend line in the region, follows a curve dropping to zero in the Mile Square City over recent weeks. The town’s reported cases showed no sign of increasing.

Then on Monday, a spike showed a pop to eleven reported cases. Mayor Ravi Bhalla, he of the self-proclaimed civil rights champion for illegal immigrants opted to stage a curious claim. He stated the virus spike was due to ‘foreigners’ of far away states: Flordia and Arizona being two which are seeing case spikes (if lacking corresponding death tolls which continue to fall as seen here earlier).

The urging from Ravi Bhalla was for Hoboken residents to blame these distant states for the Hoboken spike and to urge residents to avoid these ‘foreign’ and dangerous areas.

Here, this was immediately captured by Horse Sense. Ravi Bhalla was engaging in a pinocchio sell job or as stated earlier LARPing (Live Action Role Play).

Mayor Ravi Bhalla pinocchio graphic ℅ Giant Productions

Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher confirmed those suspicions about Ravi Bhalla and his LARP (Live Action Role Playing) blaming ‘foreigners’ of the south and west. Prior to the special council meeting last night in an email release to residents, the councilwoman wrote:

“On Monday the mayor announced that we had 11 new cases of COVId over the weekend.  He attributed this to travel out of state which is again misleading as the Council learned today that no determination has been made by our Department of Health that conducts all of the contact tracing.  You will have to ask the mayor yourself why he once again felt the need to provide a misleading statement about our COVId cases.” 

Other council members similarly noted on background the Bhalla Administration had no clue about Ravi Bhalla’s claim to blame “foreigners” for the slight double digit spike; this after the political protest by the leftist group Black Lives Matter saw thousands descend on the town earlier this month.

Was it political self-preservation or political allies Ravi Bhalla seeks to protect, or both?

Talking Ed Note: Does anyone else see the irony of Ravi Bhalla trying to dump on fellow American citizens in “foreign” distant lands for the pandemic spike while he followed the party line to welcome illegal immigrants in our “welcoming” city?

Ravi Bhalla was front and center at the BLM protest diving in front of every media camera available. Own it.

$4.6 Million Library Bond

Last night, much controversy surrounding the $4.6 million bond swap with the Hoboken Library where the monies would flow into this year’s budget and be repaid back over 20 years aiding this year’s budget deficit.

The measure passed narrowly 5-4 with surprising votes from Council members Ruben Ramos and Michael Russo joining the Bhalla Three: Phil Cohen, Emily Jabbour and Jim Doyle. Councilman Mike DeFusco is more than a tad displeased and is hopping mad about the measure’s initial approval.

A bond ordinance however requires six votes for passage on second reading.

Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher notes it will cost $6 million to Hoboken taxpayers over the 20 years.

More to come.

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