Ransomware hits Windows 7

For those who are using the Windows 7 operating system, a plague of ransomware using tools recently stolen from the US government has struck globally with no small impact.

The name of the new malicious software is Ransom:Win32.WannaCrypt.

Tens of thousands of users have been afflicted globally with the ransomware and other are advised to take precautions to update protections to the present or risk seeing their computers commandeered and worse, the contents of their hard drive deleted.

For everyone else, it’s probably a good time to back up your hard drive and include at least one off site copy as part of your regular maintenance.

For an automated removal, use:
Spyhunter Anti-Malware + Reghunter Registry Cleaner

For more on this personal cyber threat, see this story at The Intercept:

The speed of the ransomware’s spread has been slowed by the efforts of a blogger as reported on The Guardian:

Users of Windows 7 are seeing their computers hijacked with a vicious ransomware seen above.
If no action is taken to make payment, the hard drive is deleted.

Talking Ed Note: On occasion MSV covers issues of national import. If this had been an actual cyber, Fourth Amendment or Deep State Constitutional coup threat, a bulletin will be published here courtesy of the Horsey Emergency Broadcasting System.

We now return you to the confines of the hysterical Deep State Corporate Media “news” coverage.
Be careful out there. There’s a war for your mind.

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