Random thoughts from the Hoboken Horse on the Mile Square

It’s going to be a lovely summer Friday in the mile square and it feels good to breathe its air.  Today there will be no looting of monies at City Hall, no ton of quarters will be rolling out the back door to a mob related firm in South Jersey, no groundbreaking will take place on a massive tower in any part of town and no jobs will be given out in a back room deal without a resume at the expense of the local taxpayer.

Today the City of Hoboken will not be run like a crime family.

Today the good guys are wondering what next they can do to make Hoboken better.

Today taxes are lower and spending has been significantly reduced several years running.

Today Hoboken has a parks plan and park space coming online.

Today Hoboken will not be a joke on any TV comic circuit.

Today there is no municipal employee making over $200,000 a year while looting the City’s most sensitive communications in the mayor’s office on a daily basis and writing diatribes on under the screen name “loveyourtaxmoney.”

Today the bad guys are looking over their shoulder hearing footsteps.

Most important, today the mayor in the City of Hoboken will not be trading on the office.

Mayor Dawn Zimmer – delivering to make ALL of Hoboken better.

But of course here’s a few laughs too:

Today Ruben Ramos and Tim Occhipinti think they can be mayor.

Today Beth Mason thinks she should be taking the Acela Express to Washington D.C.

Today Michael Russo thinks he should have his own shore house on the Jersey Shore.

Today Terry Castellano thinks “On the Waterfront” is a misunderstood Hoboken movie.

Today a bunch of MORTe’s friends are fearful, angry and on the run.

Today some minions awoke from a nightmare and wish they were still asleep.

A few more on the plus side of the ledger…

Today the City of Hoboken will not declare bankruptcy succumbing to the shuttering of the largest business in town, Hoboken University Medical Center.

Today 1,000 people will show up to work at the hospital serving our town and well beyond.

Today the City of Hoboken will not be holding a special City Council meeting in need of approving emergency expenditures and raising taxes.

Today the City of Hoboken has a surplus for the most dire of emergencies.

Today we’re grateful for everyone who has taken it upon themselves to make Hoboken better, whether you consider yourself Old Hoboken, a reformer, a family or individual doing a little extra for your neighbor or your community.


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