Ramos campaign: Last call!

The Vision for Hoboken campaign announces:

Together We Can Better Hoboken
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Friends and Neighbors:

My Team and I are running to make our City a better place for our children to live, grow, and learn.  We decided to run because we were concerned about the current gridlock at City Hall caused by politicians who were putting their own agendas and ambitions ahead of the people they were elected to represent.

Laura, Eduardo, Joe, and I are the proud parents of children who attend school in Hoboken and participate in City sponsored activities.  And as parents, we recognize how precious each year of a child’s life can be.  The petty bickering and attack ads that my opponents’ campaigns have subjected the residents of Hoboken to over the past week, only reinforces our decision to get involved in this election so that we can move Hoboken past its current gridlock.  Our children will only be children once.  We cannot afford another 4 years of the gridlock and embarrassing political spectacles that my opponents have delivered in the past and that the tenor of their campaigns promise to deliver in the future.  Our children cannot wait another 4 years for a soccer field to be built, for our schools to improve, or for open space to be acquired. 

Please help change Hoboken’s toxic political climate and move Hoboken forward by voting for Laura Miani 1K, Eduardo Gonzalez 2K, Joe Mindak 3K, and me, Ruben Ramos 3J, on November 5th.

Thank you for your continued suupport.


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