Ramos campaign claim ‘ Better for business,’ will form task force on local business

Ruben Ramos for Mayor announces:

Hoboken Assemblyman and Mayoral Candidate Ruben Ramos today announced plans to hold scheduled monthly meetings with local business owners and form a Blue Ribbon Task Force for local business in Hoboken in order to receive input on how the city can best serve merchants in the wake of multiple recent departures and closings of small businesses.
Ramos, an experienced legislator who has represented Hoboken in the Assembly since 2008 and served on the Hoboken City Council prior to his time in Trenton, believes that an open dialogue is the first step to effective governing and meaningful legislation.
“Under Mayor Zimmer, the leaders of our city have not taken a proactive approach in finding out how to best help our business community thrive,” Ramos said. “Because of, in part, a lack of communication and leadership, we are losing businesses and institutions that shape the culture of Hoboken. As mayor, I will first establish an open dialogue to find out what City Hall can do to help Hoboken’s economy thrive.”
“The last census shows that Hoboken is growing by leaps and bounds. We have an unprecedented amount of people making Hoboken their home, yet we continue to see businesses shut their doors for good,” Ramos continued. “The rate of business growth should measure up to the rate of population growth and we just aren’t seeing that in Hoboken. The Zimmer regime has clearly failed the business community.”
“I understand that small businesses are the backbone of our community. It’s why I’ve started my small business here and it’s one of the reasons why I am running for Council. I strongly believe that this city doesn’t do enough to help businesses succeed in Hoboken,” added Joe Mindak, who is running for Councilman at Large. Joe started the Hoboken based lifestyle magazine h-Mag in 2009 and knows first hand how hard running a small business has become.
In 2013 alone, the Yankee Ferry Boat departed for Brooklyn, Diana’s Café, Tutta Pasta, Hudson Athletic Club, Oddfellows, multiple salons and cleaners, and Maxwell’s all closed their doors.
“When so many merchants are leaving town for good, there comes a time to elect leaders who will be proactive and work with our Chamber of Commerce and small store owners on a consistent basis, not just in the 11th hour. When I am Mayor of Hoboken I will make sure Hoboken is the most business-friendly city in the State,” Ramos said.  Ramos chaired the State Regulatory Oversight Committee which was responsible for making state business relations more friendly and has a track record of securing both Democrat and Republican support for his pro-business initiatives. He has been a consensus builder in the State House and will do the same in City Hall.
In the case of Maxwell’s, press reports stated that the current mayor tried to help the business once she found out that the famous venue was due to close. However, the Vision for Hoboken Team believes a proactive approach and listening to our merchants on a regular basis will prevent the Mile Square City from losing more institutions that contribute to the Hoboken’s unique character and charm.
Below is a list of Hoboken businesses that have been identified who have closed or departed within the last year:
Beau Brummel
Energy Kitchen

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Tutta Pasta
Park And Sixth
Ibby’s Falafael
Hummus Bar
Beach Bum Tanning
Balbos Pizza
India on the Hudson
Gaslight Restaurant
Maoz Vegetarian
Landmark Coffee
Hoboken Fish & Pets
Pommes Frites
Mikes Unfinished Furniture
Premier Soccer Shop
Ralphs Famous Ice
Crepe Grill
Sammy’s Roadhouse
West End Station
Ray’s Dry Cleaners
The Candy Shoppe
The Quays
Hudson Athletic Club
Hoboken Farmboy
Sol Caribe
Second Time Around
Aroma Chinese
Club H
Lana Santorelli
Lackawanna Music Festival
Yankee Ferry
C&T Charters

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