Rami Pinchevsky Kickoff draws 80 supporters – resistance in the 4th ward begins

Last night, 4th ward candidate Rami Pinchevsky kicked off his campaign at Northern Soul and 80 people turned up to get behind the battle for the ward election this May.

A good enthusiastic crowd for Rami Pinchevsky’s kickoff

Pinchevsky an active resident years before Tim Occhipinti showed up in Hoboken clearly energized a strong resistance as the election campaign is heating up.  Someone forgot to tell these people about yesterday’s Hudson Reporter story.  Beth Mason is proud of her monies circumventing campaign finance law and she’s happy to fund Tim Occhipinti and his 550-575 invisible army of ‘campaign workers,’ – re: voters.

For some reason, all these people along with Rami Pinchevsky still think they can win.
Are there enough people in the 4th ward available to vote and overcome those selling their vote for $40?


Rami Pinchevsky at Northern Soul Thursday night

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Photos courtesy the Hoboken Journal

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