Rami Pinchevsky – It’s official: In for the win for the 4th ward council seat

Rami Pinchevsky for Council announces:


Last week Rami Pinchevsky, a current Hoboken Democratic Committeeman in the 4th Ward, filed paperwork with New Jersey Board of Elections to run for Hoboken City Council this May. His decision to run is motivated by a frustration with the current political rhetoric.

“What we need is an independent voice representing everyone in the 4th Ward. For too long, politics and the status quo have stood in the way of real progressive change. We deserve the services that our hard-earned tax dollars pay for.”

“I am recently married and planning to start a family here, so the long term health of Hoboken is very important to me. With scenes like our former Mayor being cuffed and dragged out of City Hall, it is hard to believe that money for parks, road maintenance, public safety, or environmental preservation is being spent as effectively as it can be. This, combined with the political grand-standing that recently jeopardized the entire city when the council was gridlocked over a simple budget procedure, is a recipe for disaster,” Pinchevsky said.

Rami has lived in Hoboken’s 4th Ward for nearly a decade. He has been an active member of the community for many years, beginning with his involvement in the Save Block 11 movement to protect designated park land from being over developed.

Pinchevsky is a credentialed actuary. He has spent his professional life analyzing employee benefits, measuring value, and assessing risk to help companies become as efficient with their finances as possible. “80% of Hoboken’s budget is salary and benefits. We need a professional on the council who can review bills, budgets, and paperwork and make informed decisions, not someone who simply takes marching orders or gauges public opinion to get reelected,” Pinchevsky said.

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