Rami Pinchevsky – ‘corruption only ends when wheeling is stopped’

Rami for Council announces:


Last night, Councilman Peter Cunningham reintroduced a campaign finance ordinance to the Hoboken City Council which would have ended the political practice of wheeling – laundering money to political candidates to circumvent donation limits.

The most recent example of wheeling in Hoboken was in the 2010 November special election for 4th Ward Councilman. In that election, current council president Beth Mason was able to legally give Tim Occhipinti over $13,000 or five times the legal limit for one individual. Her donations made up close to 20% of the total money spent in that election and secured victory for Occhipinti. On his first day as councilperson, Occhipinti set the wheels in motion for Beth Mason to become Council President.

Councilman Cunningham’s ordinance was defeated 4-4, with Mason and Occhipinti voting against. Occhipinti’s current opponent in the May 10th election for 4th Ward Council, Rami Pinchevsky, was outraged and spoke before the council on the issue.

“The cycle of corruption will only end when our elected officials finally have the courage to do what is right and fight for the best interests of the people of Hoboken. I commend Councilman Peter Cunningham for having the courage to stand up for what is right. But this ordinance, which should have passed if we were to believe the campaign rhetoric of our elected officials, was defeated again by the Obstructionists. Councilman Tim Occhipinti and Councilwoman Beth Mason have shown their true intentions here today: their own self interests come before the public interest,” said Pinchevsky.

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