Rami Pinchevsky Communique no. 1 – Best City Council, not Best City Council money can buy

Rami for Council announces:


“For too long, Hoboken’s progress has been stymied by political corruption, pay-to-play politics, and elected officials who put self interest before the public interest. I applaud the Mayor’s campaign finance reform package because it takes us away from the reputation as ‘The Best Council Money Can Buy.’

Public office was meant to be held by the best and the brightest of our community; people who would look out for all of our interests. By limiting the influence of outside PACs, we will be able to see directly who is contributing to a candidate so we, as the public, can make informed decisions in fair elections.

By banning nepotism and fundraising on public property, and by requiring sexual harassment and ethics trainings, we will be honoring the integrity of our public offices.”

– Rami Pinchevsky

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