Rainout won’t stop Mile Square Theater’s ball game today

Friend of Hoboken Dean Kemph sent in this last minute notice on one fine alternative to enjoy the day and baseball regardless of the rain:

Today, kids, is your last chance to see this terrific play at the Monroe Space Theater at 8th & Monroe Streets at 3:00 PM.  We had one of those rare “whole family” outings last night and caught it so I wouldn’t have to hide from Chris O’Connor the next time I saw him.  Really great stuff. Very funny. For those with kids — mild and brief sexual innuendo, but Emory at 11 has seen far worse I’m sure and it will go right by young ones.  It was particularly revelatory for me as a kids’ coach and I think it should be mandatory for all coaches.  If you don’t see at least a slice of yourself, you’re not looking.  Also not to be missed by anyone with an endemic love for the national pastime.  For everybody else, it’s merely wonderful. The Mile Square Theater has been doing fantastic work and this is a chance to see an amazing, professional performance just a few blocks away on a rainy Sunday afternoon.  Just do it. 

PS – If you’re one of my team, we are NOT yet rained out today — stay tuned.
More Info: 
Mile Square Theatre
Chris O’Connor, Artistic Director

A comedy about baseball, Little League, and what it means to win the game.

by Richard Dresser

What does it mean to be a success? Is winning the only thing that matters, or is it how you play the game? For Michael and Don, two coaches of the same Little League baseball team, their answers are clear – and completely opposite. Richard Dresser’s ROUNDING THIRD is a hilarious look at how our culture is teaching our kids— and our parents— to deal with competition and success.

Starring Liam Joynt and Matthew Lawler
Directed by Marc Stuart Weitz


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