Quick note of thanks

One of our goals since we began what we deemed “the experiment” is to go out and ask people fair questions and do some real interviewing on the issues with people who are involved in the process of governing or similarly involved in the town we love. When the election season came, candidates thanked us for allowing various voices to be heard, sometimes more than once.  (Well if you put yourself on the line, shouldn’t we at least listen?) 

It didn’t take long to find out we had hit pay dirt when our earlier work started gaining a lot more attention than we ever anticipated.  Questions in the summer quickly followed, will you do more?  Well here we are after the election and still at it.  Why?  Because frankly, you guys keep coming back and seem to dig it.  Readership continues to grow even after the election which also has come as quite a pleasant surprise.  

Well please tell a few friends about Mile Square View aka the Hoboken Horse and also let us know what’s on your want to see for our to do list.  Clearly there’s a need to have a user friendly, intelligent, censor free place for ideas and fair discourse.  You know like a good dinner party conversation or a community.  And the numbers keep bearing it out.  At any given point, half if not more of the readers are returning visitors.  That’s a pretty good number with a third spending almost an hour plus in a visit. 

Talking Ed Note: Numerous features are now enabled as noted previously and you can even subscribe to a post or the replies and reply via email if you like.  In addition there’s numerous ways for sharing a post, a comment, etc. via facebook, twitter and a hundred others.  The comment feature for posting some remarks and adding a youtube video to it is working well and it’s already been utilized.  The last video feature should go live soon and will allow a commenter to actually post their own video comment.  Welcome Aboard!
Da Horsey aka the Hoboken Horse
Hat tip: Hoboken Now, The Hoboken Journal, Hudson Reporter, and photographers Jhnnynewman and Jimmy the K

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