Protest confirmed for 6:00 at City Hall, here come the NYC TV News crews

Word of the protest today at City Hall is getting out and about and Hoboken Revolt the group who brought us the party there last time in 2009 is on board for the second installment, “We’re not done with Hoboken corruption.”

Scene of the last protest for the same sale to developer interests in 2009

Guess you just can’t say a job is done until it’s actually done.  Well Councilman Mike Russo kept a lid on it for two years just about, but when word got out, it really got out.

So 6:00 is showtime and there’s something special also in the works for the folks.

Check in at City Hall at 6:00 and get a taste of what it’s like when Hoboken fights back!

Hoboken will look to boot another scammer at City Hall today

Talking Ed Note:  The authors of ‘The Jersey Sting,’ also love Hoboken now so much word is they will be coming back.  MSV will let you know well in advance and this time it will be on a weekend with a book signing and a forum for Questions and Answers.

Beth Mason’s divorce papers announced in her statement yesterday to the Russo clan may be better late than never but the love for the Hoboken sellout is still going strong at Mason411.  The ghostwriting minion who despises nothing more than a mayor working for all of Hoboken without him working on the second floor is frothing at the mouth over the bogeyman of the past and repeating the same accusations over and over with of course not one named witness let alone a quote.

Underneath the utter vapidity, you can smell reality is beginning to settle in and it’s not good for the uber smearing pro-Mason vendetta is our job 24×7 website.  You can just feel the bitterness.

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